Ex Hex @ the Black Cat

Wrote this for the City Paper’s spring arts guide:

All hail D.C.’s best new rock band.
March 5 at Black Cat

Fact 1: On Feb. 10, 1988, the BraveStarr character Tex Hex introduced a wild guitar-like instrument called the Black Widow.
Fact 2: On April 19, 2005, singer/guitarist Mary Timony released a really good indie-rock record titled Ex Hex.
Fact 3: On June 12, 2007, Secret Key Motion Pictures released Sex Hex, a film about a lesbian vampire.
Fact 4: In late 2013, Timony founded a D.C.-based band called Ex Hex, with drummer Laura Harris (Aquarium) and bassist Betsy Wright (The Fire Tapes).
Fact 5: Ex Hex will release an album later this year on Merge Records.

Only Facts 2, 4 and 5 are related.

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Awoke to find out that a dear friend and irreplaceable mentor, Len Righi, had died. I could write a book about all the things we talked about and listened to, and maybe I will. But right now all I can share is a tune — an irascible, paranoid, thrilling, commie punk rock tune, because Len liked it that way. Walk into the shadows, my man.

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